CDN FinTech


CDN FinTech

At CDN we have the financial market data and supercomputing capabilities to provide unparalleled custom financial reports. Built on the back of AI & ML models and deep learning networks, CDN will provide your firm with the following: 

  • Quantitatives and Visualisations
  • Custom Dashboard For Reports
  • Cloud Solutions for Financial Applications
  • Custom Databases and Systems
  • End to End Systems 
  • In house and Outhouse Systems
  • Training of Programmers for Technical Operation 
  • 24/7 Online Technical Support 
  • Phone Support 7 Days A Week

From Our Founder

CDN is a proud Irish firm that believes powerful computing can change the world one data point at a time. Data analytics is the future, and the future is now!

Lucia Valente

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With CDNs Supercomputing You Can Visualise and Quantify Like Never Before!


The golden filled curve is the market prices and the blue filled curve is the forecast.

2021 reports are issued upon request.


Signal analysis where the green signal is noise.


compare the shapes of signals and find similarities for 1000s of stocks.