What We Do


CDN’s Core Competency

CDN’s core competency is unlocking the value of your business data. CDN’s novel predictive algorithms recasts your business data to render it more viable and maximize its business value both operationally and strategically. For your business, the results are targeted business decisions and stronger results.

A business challenge in the information age

Corporations are dealing with torrents of data from their myriad business functions and operations.  In many instances, businesses do not have the in-house expertise to analyze and mine their own data to extract the most pertinent/relevant information.  Most importantly, there are no viable means to even visualize what the data looks like.

To extract value from (mostly) passive data , businesses require accessible tools to determine what value is inherent in their own data.  For example, what constitutes normal vs. abnormal trends. The result is that quite often businesses do not recognize the significant value of the latent data. Data is partitioned in many spreadsheets disconnected from each other with lack of connectivity that blinds management to the value of their own data.

Spreadsheets do not represent the real value of the data: Due to anaemic training and limited functionality of spreadsheets, data is manipulated in simplistic ways. In the 21st century – Information Age – simple linear lists of numbers and/or names do not suffice to provide the most appropriate data analytics to operate successful businesses.