Code of Ethics


CDN has the expertise and experience analyzing different types of data.  Working collaboratively with clients, the first step is to see if there is a healthy fit for both parties.  A preliminary exploration and discussion is vital to explore the sources of data you have and the types of questions you would like the data to solve.

Also we want to make sure you understand our strict Code of Ethics (please read below) as there are professional and ethical standards CDN adheres to.  We are highly selective about the clients we choose to work with – there are some business sectors CDN will not engage with.

Our Code

Ownership of data remains with the client.

CDN retains the confidentiality and proprietary nature of client data.

Client data is not sold to or otherwise utilized by third parties.

CDN provides accurate analysis of client data and does not alter or otherwise change the analysis of client data.

CDN provides reports and analysis based on client data; not legal or financial services based on the data. CDN does not advise.

Based on the data provided, CDN’s predict functions provide a percentage level estimate of accuracy for each individual project.

AI and ML Algorithms are not perfect; they are limited in their functions.   Accuracy and efficiency rates vary based on the amount and quality of the data being analyzed and the types of questions that are being asked from the data.

All work and output are AS IS and CDN only reports the results of the computations and guarantees no outcomes.