Advanced Data Analytics Applications


Computational ClassNotes (CCN)

CCN creates the most advanced computational technologies providing a plethora of mass customized educational modules to learners anytime, anywhere, any subject, any level – the untethered learner.

Computational DataNotes (CDN) is the next step and evolution of Computational ClassNotes (CCN). CCN has a successful record in the deployment of accredited courses to colleges and universities in the EU, Canada and the US, using computation technology.  Our success led to engagements in advanced research and corporate projects.

In 2019 the CCN Board and Management team made the decision to separate the two verticals – academia and corporate.  CCN will continue to work with professors and lecturers in academia; CDN will focus on research and vertical corporate markets in diverse industries: renewable energy, hardware sales; digital media; manufacturing and medical research. Hence our new website: Computational DataNotes whose focus is to create tangible and strategic value from business data.