Custom App Development


CDN now offers custom app development for small to medium sized businesses! What does this mean for your business? It means that you can count on a local software company to rapidly build your businesses dream application! Whether the app is internal or customer facing, CDN has the expertise to drive sales and footfall in your business, with your Data.

Internal Facing Applications

Use internal facing applications to house customer data, sales data, QR codes, and AI solutions, enabling your business to make data driven decisions and predictions.

Customer Facing Applications

Use customer facing applications for self-service portals, online purchases, reservations, reward programs, sweepstakes, wishlists and more.

AI Sales Tools

  • Geo Maps identify geographical regions that favor market growth and provide insight as to where your consumers are located and how they’re economically positioned.
  • Community Graphs show you ‘who knows who’ in your business network to help identify the influential connections that can help your business grow and thrive.
  • Sales Pipeline Software uses data collected across all aspects of your business to help classify buying clients for your sales team.
  • AI Marketing Solutions will enable your marketing team to enhance brand awareness and run extraordinarily targeted ads.